Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You Just Might Be a Criminal

It’s time to come clean. There are a lot of people espousing what good Americans they are and how law-abiding and responsible they are in comparison to the rest of us. I’m not buying it. I thought I would create a short guide to help people figure out whether or not they are stepping into the darkness of criminal activity and belief. 
1.     If you believe God gave you the right to carry guns…you just might be a criminal.
2.     If you believe it’s none of the Goddamn government’s business what guns you own…you just might be a criminal.
3.     If you believe the Federal government is trying to take away your 2nd Amendment Rights…you just might be a criminal.
4.     If you hoard ammunition and do things like bury it in your backyard to hide it…you just might be a criminal.
5.     If you own a large arsenal of guns that you claim is for the sole purpose of personal protection and you think the larger the magazine the safer you will be…you just might be a criminal.
6.     If you dream of one day taking down the Federal government through any means necessary…you just might be a criminal.
7.     If you dream of expanding your arsenal to include rocket launchers, military vehicles, body armor, and other equipment manufactured for use in war…you just might be a criminal.
8.     If you own a bunker filled with survival supplies and weaponry…you just might be a criminal.
9.     If you think Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA, is a hero…you just might be a criminal.
10. If you dream of secession from the United States of America…you just might be a criminal.
11. If you believe all criminals are people of color and/or poor…you just might be a criminal.
12. If you wish like hell that someone would threaten your right to stand your ground just so you can use your weapon…you just might be a criminal.
13. If you believe your reelection or your right to own firearms without restriction is more important than saving lives through stricter gun control…you just might be a criminal.
14. If you don’t believe that every child is worthy of being safe from violence and gunfire…you just might be a criminal.
15. If you believe your only equals are people who share your gender, skin color, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, love of guns, and political views, and everyone else just wants to live off your hard earned money…you just might be a criminal.
It is not too late to renounce the criminal life and support gun control in America. Gabby Giffords, a most courageous American, said it best at the Senate Gun Control Hearing when she said, “…the time is now. You must act.”

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